Tiki Mugs

Some say that the unicorn tiki mug was the chalice of Dionysus himself. But that’s only one of the many legends surrounding these vessels. Those who have raised the mug to their lips tell tales of its mysterious powers—from turning water into glitter to curing canker sores. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of these stories are true. They also come in white and pink, which is nice.

Unicorn Tiki Mugs ($21.79)

Last month we revealed that the Guardians of the Galaxy Geeki Tiki mugs were available to pre-order individually for a July release, but ThinkGeek is shipping the entire set right now for $80. That’s a huge savings if you want to get all six—plus you don’t have to wait. The summer is short and there are a lot of cocktails to drink. [click to continue…]

Just in time for Star Wars Celebration, ThinkGeek has launched the second wave of Star Wars Geeki Tiki Mugs that includes designs based on C-3PO, a Jawa, a Tauntaun, a Tusken Raider, a Wampa, and Wicket. But that’s not all! [click to continue…]

Those amazing Guardians of the Galaxy and assorted Marvel character mugs we featured last month are now available to order! Each mug is $19.99 with shipping slated for July. Check out the GOTG series below. I mean, come on…that Baby Groot mug! [click to continue…]

Admit it, you’re already sold on these tiki mugs (I really want that Deadpool version). You just need to know where to throw your money. [click to continue…]

Back in December we highlighted Mondo’s new “Tee-Kis” Tiki mug collection as it kicked off with a Gremlins-themed release. This included concept sketches for both a Xenomorph and an Iron Giant line. Now the completed Aliens tiki mugs have been revealed! [click to continue…]

Not on the Loot Crate bandwagon yet? Then you missed getting one of these stackable, shot glass-sized TMNT tikis of Shredder, Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Donatello in January’s crate. Not to worry though, (most of) the series can still be purchased in the Loot Vault for $10.99 each.

If you’re interested in getting onboard with a Loot Crate subscription, you can save 10% on your subscription using the code “NERDAPPROVED”. Check out what to expect from February’s crate below. [click to continue…]


Mondo has introduced their “Tee-Kis” Tiki mug collection which kicked off with a Gremlins-inspired line in partnership with Alamo Drafthouse theaters.

Unfortunately, those mugs sold out online in a hot second as Mondo stuff tends to do (some may be still available at Alamo Drafthouse locations during their Gremlins screenings), but the really interesting thing is the Tiki mugs they will be releasing in the future.

Below you’ll find designs for their upcoming Aliens and The Iron Giant-themed Tiki mugs. [click to continue…]


Pretty soon, you’ll be able to take home the Haunted Mansion’s Hitchhiking Ghosts in a whole new way, thanks to Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel. This Hitchhiking Ghosts Tiki mug will be available from September 9th through November 1st or while supplies last. So get into your Doombuggy and get over to Trader Sam’s if you want one before they disappear. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


If your idea of paradise involves cats and fruity drinks with umbrellas, this ceramic cat tiki mug set is for you.

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Best of all, they won’t claw your face or leave fur in your drink.

Cat Tiki Mug Set ($29.99)