selfie toaster

Are you ready to eat your favorite selfie every morning? You could get that image (or just about any other one) on toast with a custom toaster from Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation. Images, line art, clip art, logos, notes – they can make it all. It’s certainly one way to make the early hours more interesting.

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No one knows who’s a part of Anonymous because, well, you know, they’re anonymous. But your toast appears to be a member. This toaster burns the Guy Fawkes mask on your toast—so there’s no telling what it might do to your insides after you swallow it.

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cadbury egg in toast

Easter is nearly here, and that means Cadbury creme eggs have flooded supermarket shelves. Sure, you can eat them right out of the wrapper, but you can also use the chocolate treat to make other desserts.

Serious Eats has taken the breakfast “egg in hole toast” concept and sweetened it by making a pound cake with a Cadbury creme egg in the middle. It sounds like it would make for a decadent and delicious dessert that’s also pretty simple to make. You have plenty of time to gather the ingredients before Sunday!

Get the complete recipe at Serious Eats.

tumblr awesome

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This Darth Vader toaster will turn your breakfast into a Dark Side feast. It will leave the image of the Dark Lord of the Sith and the Star Wars logo on your toast, but the best part is the toaster itself. It’s shaped just like Darth Vader’s helmet. Preorder now for delivery this July.

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This toast perfume comes from The Federation of Bakers who made the special limited edition scent for London Fashion Week. The idea was to challenge the notion that bread isn’t good for you and to encourage people to once again put toast on the table at breakfast. All their free samples are gone, so you’ll have to be content with toasting up a few slices of the real thing and rubbing it all over your body.

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toast art 2

Latte art has definitely evolved over the past couple of years as it’s become more popular. However, maybe it’s time for something new. Hittomii has started turning breakfast toast into miniature pieces of art. Yes, cute anime pictures do make all food look more appetizing. It looks like green tea powder and other natural items are used to obtain the different colors, and you can see that Hittomii just toasts certain parts of the bread to contribute to the cool effect. They look so good I’m not sure if I could ruin them by eating them.

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The Doctor may not be a fan of toast, but that doesn’t stop him from being turned into an adorable toast plush complete with fez and suspenders.

This Doctor MoreToast plush made by Etsy seller PortOfChaos is approximately 7.5″ x 9″ x 3″, made of Blizzard Fleece & stuffed with polyester fiberfill.

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You’ll feel like Sheldon Cooper is your roommate when you use this toaster. It singes the word “Bazinga” onto your toast. The toaster is bright green with The Big Bang Theory logo on the side, as if the toast alone wasn’t nerdy enough. Preorder now for delivery in October.

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