Our friend Jessica of Pies Are Awesome is back with a video tutorial on how to make a TRON-themed pie that actually glows under blacklight. Apparently, you can also eat it without derezzing. [click to continue…]

Flynn’s Gingerbread Arcade

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Check out an additional pic of Leigh Torres‘ amazing TRON light cycle cake after the break.

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As DVICE aptly noted, this Chop Round Knife design looks like it’s straight out of the Tron kitchen. Needless to say, you should probably stick to derezzing your pizza with it.

Product Page ($48 Gizmodiva via DVICE)

Lunch Time: The Tron Burger

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The new and improved Tron burger is much more technologically advanced than the original. Plus it has an extra dimension if you wear special glasses while eating.

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