You are a beautiful, majestic unicorn that isn’t afraid to talk a little smack when the situation warrants. You are fueled by coffee and sometimes wine. Sometimes both at the same time. In other words, you don’t play by the rules. You need a mug that matches your sparkling personality (an abundance of glitter might also be a factor). If this describes you, we have some coffee mugs that you might be interested in. Check out some of our favorite designs below. [click to continue…]


Somebody is going to have one seriously majestic unicorn-themed birthday party. Redditor megpi writes:

The cake is confetti rainbow velvet with cream cheese filling. Most of the decoration is in buttercream with a fondant horn, white chocolate drips and candy!


Etsy seller “LennyMud” is offering a handmade, 16 oz, dishwasher and microwave safe ceramic unicorn mug emblazoned with the promise “Today Will Be Awesome”.

While this will likely be true for those whose happy place is populated by unicorns and rainbows, the rest of us will probably end up referring to this thing as a dirty, stinking liar – especially after the coffee runs out.

Product Page: ($20)


You’ve probably seen unicorn poop cookies before, but these cookies take the concept to the next level. Rainbow unicorns that poop rainbow stars!

There is so much rainbow awesome in this video that your head may well explode. It all comes courtesy of My Cupcake Addiction who’s made a great video tutorial so you can make these cookies, too.

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unicorn cake 1

I know Skittles has dibs on the “taste the rainbow” slogan, but I think this unicorn cake deserves to borrow it. Baker Heather Sherman (Art2Eat) created this colorful pegacorn cake for her daughter’s 7th birthday. It features a mama and a baby to make it extra adorable. From Heather:

Our Darling Daughter just turned 7, and she always is one of my most challenging clients. This year was no different – she requested a “Rainbow Unicorn pegasus with a mama and a baby”. !!!!. The head and legs are krispy-treat, the wings had a wire ‘bone’ and are covered in gumpaste feathers. The inside was golden vanilla cake. This one was a HUGE hit at the party.

It so magical and pretty I’d have a hard time cutting it. Wouldn’t you feel like a monster chopping off the head of a baby unicorn? I don’t care if it’s sugary and delicious!

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Here’s the kind of thing that happens when people let their creativity go completely wild while planning their wedding. This unicorn shoots flames from its horn and dispenses lemonade from a spigot in its crotch. The masterpiece was a part of Anna Schumacher’s Wedding and took about four months to build at a cost of around $3,000. Yeah, you just try and top that at your wedding.

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edible unicorn

The U.K.’s National Baking Week kicked off yesterday and to celebrate, Miss Cakehead worked with a team of food artists to create an edible magical meadow—and what meadow would be complete without a life-size unicorn? Appropriately, it was a rainbow cake unicorn. The art gallery included a milk fountain, bird cookies, chocolate cake logs, and more. They served every last piece to the visiting public. Note to self: edible art shows are the way to go.

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Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker


If you’re a guy and couldn’t care less about garnishing your food with sugary bits of rainbow magic drained from a unicorn, then consider buying this thing to give it modifications to meet your disgusting standards – such as an enchanted sprinkle dispensing butt or mouth. Then it can become a beloved part of your animal waste dispenser collection.

Look for it to drop sometime in the near future.

Product Page: (£8, or about $12)


Author C.W. Moss delves into unicorn depression with his latest work “Why Unicorn Drinks” – a selection of which is featured after the jump. Surprisingly, the existence of unicorn meat doesn’t appear.

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Unicorn Horn Cookies

A word from the creator:

“This cookie is based on the shape of a unicorn horn, using cream horn forms.  I hope that makes sense.  😀  Check it out, it’s very close to the instructions on my Unicorn Poop Cookies, but these have an added surprise inside!  They would make AWESOME party favors for a little princess party, or even for a mythical event.  Unicorns are for everyone, so enjoy!!”

(via Instructables)