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A couple that shoots zombies together, stays together. Etsy shop owner Plasticsmith has a ton of fantastic silhouette toppers for themed wedding cakes. Made from 1/8″ black ABS Plastic with non reflecting pebbled surface on the front and smooth back, these are sturdier than they look.

Available themes include the famous upside down Spider-Man kiss, Batman and Poison Ivy smooching, a lip-locked Joker And Harley (also Batman and Harley. The Joker won’t be happy) and even the most romantic moment shared between Han and Leia.

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This wedding cake by Blossom Dream Cakes was designed as a big surprise for the groom. It has a romantic scene with red and pink birds on one side, but spin it around and it’s Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk. The fact that the bride made this kind of compromise on such an important occasion bodes well for their marriage.

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dragon wedding cake

This gorgeous dragon wedding cake was created by Cakes Beyond Belief

(via Jill Pantozzi)

Divine Nerd Wedding Cake

In just under two weeks, Olga Philips of Divine Cakes made us all extremely jealous of her creativity and talent by creating a 6′ tall wedding cake that reveals itself to be “nerdy on the inside.” The happy couple came to Philips with a short deadline and very specific requests concerning what fun things would be referenced in their cake.

To her credit, she was able to pull off the assignment (and then some), delivering a cake that includes the starship Enterprise, the One Ring to rule them all, the smuggling ship known as Serenity, the Doctor’s TARDIS, a certain astromech droid, a Hippogriff from Harry Potter, a unicorn from a certain Harrison Ford film, a nod to Game of Thrones, and, of course, the iconic symbol of Batman.

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(Okoa via Cheezburger)

superhero cake 1

The trend of splitting wedding cakes in half continues, and this design by Mitchies Munchies is elegant, geeky, and wonderful. The cake features fancy white fondant and orchids on one side with Wolverine’s claws ripping through (my favorite part!). The opposite side highlights Captain America, Spider-Man, Batman, and Thor. The Hulk hand was carved from clay so the newlyweds can keep it until they’re old and gray.

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Super Mario Bros. Wedding Cake by Naera.

(Insanelygaming via It8bit)

Super Mario hidden cake

Wedding cakes can be both elegant and geeky. If you and your spouse to be can’t decide on whether to have a classically decorated cake or a nerdy pattern, you can have both by splitting the cake’s design in half. This cake by Bittersweet’s captures the concept perfectly. It’s covered in shiny white frosting on one side and Super Mario Bros. on the other. The Super Mario Bros. side is definitely my favorite.

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Ant, the owner of Nerdache Cakes, crafted this totally awesome 8-bit wedding cake. It took her “a ridiculous amount of hours” to create over the course of three days. That’s understandable since it was made from 3,000 1-inch, hand-cut squares. I think Ant just won an insane amount of Internet points for this nerdy cake!

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batman dual cake 1

When two people enter a marriage, they’re bound to have some different tastes. Thanks to a recent trend in wedding cakes, both husband and wife can express themselves on the same dessert. We’ve seen cakes that are half Batman before, but I love that this treat by Baked with Love is split between a New York City scene showing the moment the couple got engaged and Gotham City. It’s such a cool idea.

Photos by Gemma Lawrence.

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