lego wedding cake

You need a good foundation to build a marriage on, and this Lego wedding cake is a great start. It was made by Cupcakes by SJ out of London.

Not surprisingly, Cupcakes by SJ has been flooded with requests. However, they’ve clarified that they aren’t a cake business, rather a family that bakes for friends and family only. Given the popularity of their work, perhaps they should reconsider.

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Thinking about adding nerdy touches to your wedding? Genefy Playground makes all sorts of adorable cake toppers from wood and clay with your favorite pop culture characters matched up however you choose. Han and Leia, Snow White and Batman, whatever pairing works. You pick the characters and they make them into your ideal wedding cake toppers.

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Joel Burger and Ashley King have known each other since kindergarten, but they didn’t start dating until college. Clearly, it was their destiny to fall in love and get married. The Burger King wedding is on.

They are currently trying to get drink koozies with the company’s logo and it looks like Burger King has taken notice. They’ve reached out via twitter in hopes of contacting Mr. Burger and Miss King.

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Vault 101 doesn’t strike me as the most romantic locale in post-apocalyptic D.C., but sometimes the love bug bites you when you least expect it–like when you’re living in a cramped underground bunker, for instance. With that said, I’d like to congratulate those two lucky vault dwellers on finding love in a radioactive wasteland. Oh, and kudos on the awesome cake topper–if I were you, I wouldn’t trade it for all the mini-nukes and Mister Handys in the world.

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just married

As you know, it’s every girl’s dream to get married and ride off into the sunset in a Wienermobile. Well, Erin Lounsberry has lived that dream.

“I’ve known her 17 years and I’ve seen her obsession,” said Jason Platt, Lounsberry’s husband. The two were married recently at the St. Paul Lutheran Church in Davenport, Iowa. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds were whisked away to the reception in the Wienermobile–the words “Just Linked!” were scrawled on the back, and in lieu of a chain of empty tin cans, the mobile pulled along a chain of empty plastic ketchup and mustard containers.

Congrats, you two! I just hope your cake was made entirely out of hot dogs because that would be awesome.

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Here’s the kind of thing that happens when people let their creativity go completely wild while planning their wedding. This unicorn shoots flames from its horn and dispenses lemonade from a spigot in its crotch. The masterpiece was a part of Anna Schumacher’s Wedding and took about four months to build at a cost of around $3,000. Yeah, you just try and top that at your wedding.

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at-at cake 1

Who needs a bride and groom when you’ve got a 2′ tall AT-AT cake in the house? Chris The Cook made the groom’s cake for a friend’s wedding. It started with a wood base and the cake was filled in around it. Besides being impressed by the size, I can’t get over the amount of detail in the frosting. It looks exactly like a Hasbro toy! He even took the time to get the undercarriage just right.

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Created by Cookie Cowgirl. Hit the jump for an additional pic.

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Obviously, these couples failed to extend a wedding invite to Spider-Man, despite the fact that he is friendly, and in the neighborhood. Therefore he was forced to shrink himself and hide between layers of these cakes, made by Studio Cake and Corner House.

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