chibi star wars mug top

These mugs and boxes from Etsy seller Blue Potion UK Shop are too cute for words. They feature some of our favorites, from ‘The Legend of Zelda’ to ‘Star Wars’ in chibi style.

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triforce of pizza

The Triforce Of Pizza!

(Books Of Adam via it8bit)

hylian lunch

When Link set out to rescue Princess Zelda, he made sure to bring along his trusty Hylian shield to help keep him safe. He also brought along his Hylian shield lunch box to keep his sandwich safe (It was fried cucco. Heh heh heh…).

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This nerdy necklace is actually a tiny flask that will hold one ounce of your favorite drink. It measures 2 3/4″ x 1 5/8″ and is covered with a Zelda wrap reminding you that, “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This.”

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Then again, going alone with this flask might be MORE dangerous.

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tumblr_n450j0Brv21qa8q3yo1_500 copy

This ancient, six-ounce Deku Flask features the legendary Kokiri symbol, which carries a powerful spell that will keep you safe from both bodily injury and a pointy-stabby death while journeying throughout Hyrule… but it also does a wonderful job of keeping your alcohol safe too!

Product Page: ($19.99)


Zeth of Hyrule is a loyal Zelda fan, and he created a Tumblr that’s dedicated to the baddest Hylian warrior of all time and his mostly unheard of adventures. Zeth posted a series of pics that document Link’s, uh, latest odd quest: The time that he took on a bunch of Super Mario gummies.

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This extremely detailed Legend of Zelda Cake by Karolina Cake Designer, is so well done that it makes me want to get in touch with my inner Link: Rescue a princess. Take up the ocarina. Maybe fling a cucco or two against a wall. Oh, I miss my N64.

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geeky cake topper 1

Any occasion that warrants a cake can be improved with some adorable and/or personalized cake toppers. Etsy seller 100 Original can more than take care of you in this department. Her shop is packed with several geeky and delightful designs, and most of them will make you say “awww.” She has plenty of character toppers like Link and Zelda, Minions, and Carl and Ellie from Up, but you can also opt for a topper that looks more like you.

Each topper is sculpted by hand from non-toxic air clay. They’re about 5 inches tall and lightweight so you don’t have to worry about them crashing through your cake. You can get toppers for weddings, birthdays and more—and you dictate the base colors and the pose. Turnaround time is 6-10 business days plus shipping time from New Zealand.

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apron - she-ra

Cosplay aprons are pretty much the best. If you spend any time at all in the kitchen, even if it’s just making a sandwich or pulling a piece of string cheese out of the fridge, you can rationalize buying an apron to wear. Etsy seller Bambino Amore has a ton of new designs that will make many fandoms happy. She’s designed costume aprons/pinafores featuring the outfits of She-Ra, the 11th Doctor, Spock, Link, and more.

Besides putting them on in the kitchen, they’d be great to wear over a black dress at a convention. The aprons are made to order and ready to ship in 3-4 weeks.

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This little Link was created by deviantArtist Emma-Is-A-Leaf for her brother’s wedding cake. It started life as just a torso since his legs were hiding under the wedding cake, but when the day was over, she decided to finish him up and give him a whole body. She then sent Link on his way with her brother and his new wife as a souvenir of the day as they started their new life together.

(via When Geeks Wed)