Watch This Lunatic Eat 153-Year-Old Civil War Rations [Video]


As we’ve seen in the past, Steve1989 has a thing for sampling ancient MREs. However, he recently reached a milestone by eating the oldest military ration yet – a piece of hardtack from the Civil War.

Hardtack is a cracker-like substance that lacks moisture, allowing it to remain edible for a lengthy period. However, letting an already unappetizing food age for 153 years before consumption is bound to result in some funky flavors, and Steve described them in detail in the video below.

In the beginning, he likens the taste to mothballs and old library books. After dipping it in water to soften it up, the hardtack took on the taste of an eraser or car tire. The final step was to put in some 30 year old instant coffee, which still didn’t improve the flavor – although the coffee was apparently awesome.

(via Sploid)


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