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The Toast Buttering Machine Of Doom [Video]

For his latest project, William Osman decided to tackle toast buttering to see if a machine could be produced that would remove human effort and butter knives from the equation while, at the same time, making the process potentially deadly.

The design involved a laser cut wooden structure equipped with two motors, one that would move a slice of toast back and forth, and another that would move a stick of butter. In theory, the slice and stick would contact each other providing optimal butter coverage—but in practice, the machine left a lot to be desired. Did I mention a jigsaw motor was used?

As you’ll see in the video below, the excessive power of the butter motor wreaked havoc on the bread, and coverage was inadequate to say the least. But the experiment does score high marks for entertainment.

Needless to say, Osman and Simone Giertz should never be allowed to work on a project together lest they develop some sort of household appliance that’s capable of destroying the world.

(via Laughing Squid)

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