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Learn How To Build A Vending Machine Inside A School Locker

When I was in junior high, a few of my enterprising classmates sold candy and other treats at school for a significant markup—that is until their empires were brought down by the faculty. Clearly, they didn’t like anyone muscling in on their sweet vending machine profits. Despite this, I recall that our teachers were rationing chalk at one point. Plus, our school lunches were probably made from gym mats. I think the principal had a racket going—but I digress.

Did you know that you can turn your school locker into a vending machine for fun and profit? Here’s how it works:

This dude looks like he’s 30. What is he doing in high school? Undercutting the cafeteria vending machines to support his two kids probably. Check out his Instructable for the build to learn how you can advantage of this exciting new revenue opportunity.

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