The World Record Biscuit Dunking Jump Is Worth Risking Your Life Over [Video]


Is there a Guinness world record more important / more British than the biscuit dunking bungee jump? I think not. From Guinness:

Simon Berry is a thrill seeker and decided to attempt the Highest bungee dunk ever – a title which saw the challenger throw himself from a platform at Bray Lake Watersports and aim a chocolate hobnob into a mug of tea, just as the bungee rope reached full extension.

Simon Berry and Experience Days smashed the record with an incredible 73.41 metres (240 ft 10 in) bungee dunk, significantly bettering the previous record of 60.553 metres (198 ft 8 in) that was achieved by Ron Jones (USA) in 2013.

What a legend. Watch the video below.


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