Are Scientists Developing Real Turd Burgers? [Dinner Time]

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A Japanese scientist decided to try extracting protein from “sewage mud” (human turds) and recycle it into a meat substitute. Bacteria is killed by heat during the manufacturing process, and red food coloring is added to provide that familiar steak hue. The resulting product apparently tastes like beef, even though the professor admits that the psychological barrier is sure to keep people from trying it. At present, the price would be 10 to 20 times the cost of regular meat, since research expense is included. However, the professor believes they could eventually reduce the price to that of normal beef.

Like the burgers themselves, this whole story could be a steaming load of crap. However, based on some of the disgusting things that people actually do put into their bodies, we shouldn’t be surprised if some would be willing to literally “eat sh*t”.

Check out the video after the break.

(Inhabitat via Topless Robot)


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