Oranges Shaped Like Pentagons Are All The Rage


These incredible pentagon-shaped oranges are a type of Japanese orange called “iyokan” or “Japanese Summer Oranges” and they’re usually round. Creative farming has given rise to the “Gokakukei Iyokan” which is a pun in Japanese. It loosely translates as “to have a good premonition of exam success” which makes a lot more sense when you realize they’re coming up on university entrance exams about now. Giving a student these oranges would be a fruity symbol of encouragement.

The farmers have been working on creating the unique pentagon shape for years and now the fruit will be going on sale locally at a festival. There will only be 300 of them, so they’ll be quite difficult to purchase. The farmers put little forms around the growing the fruit to make the shape, so it’s very labor intensive, but if it’s a hit they’re likely to do it again next year.

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(Asahi News and Pouch via Kotaku)


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