You Could Have Enjoyed Ramen Flavored Pringles This Whole Time

If you haven’t noticed, ramen is having a moment. Yesterday it was ramen beer, and today it’s Top Ramen Chicken-flavored Pringles.

The product is the result of a partnership between Pringles and ramen manufacturer Nissin, who set “flavorologists” to work combining the two favorites into a single, perfect snack.

That makes it sound like a lot of effort was involved, but honestly—season Pringles chips with ramen packets and I’m pretty sure that you’ve nailed their formula. Why didn’t anyone think to do this before?

Now that you know, keep in mind that official Top Ramen Pringles are only going to be around for a limited time. Furthermore, you can only get them at Dollar General, where they run for about $1.50.

(via Cosmo)


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