Worst Combo Meal Ever: Ten McDonald’s Burgers in One

Ten McDonald's Burgers in One

On the left part of the image, you see a regular McDonald’s burger. On the right, you see a supersized combo sandwich that’s actually ten burgers that have been blended and combined into one.

It sounds like a pretty easy thing to do, except it isn’t. It also seems like a pretty silly thing to do, but the folks from RocketNews24 seemed to want to do it. So do it, they did.

First, they separated the components from the ten burgers into four parts: two piles of buns, the burger patties, and then one pile for the pickles. They then proceeded to blend each pile separately with water (except for the pickles, which remained whole) and added an ingredient called the “Matomeruko Easy” to bind everything together.

Hit the break to see the entire process. But you have been warned: it ain’t pretty.

(RocketNews24 via Food Beast)


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