Just when I think Nick from Dude Foods can’t come up with anything weirder, he proves me wrong. I’ll learn one of these days. His latest creation stars egg yolks cooked sous-vide (a method of cooking food sealed in airtight bags in a water bath or steam), breaded with Froot Loops and deep fried. He used an Anova Precision Cooker to make the eggs and covered the yolks in crushed Froot Loops. He insists they’re delicious.

Get more information on this interesting dish at Dude Foods.


It’s the age old question: pizza or burgers? We’ve already seen pizza bedding, but now you have options. It’s a great time to be alive.

The above hamburger bedding features a comfy quilt, and pillows that have a standard burger on one side, and on the other, a hamburger with sesame seed buns.

Product Page: (€60.00 or $74.63)


The Planetary Drinking Glass Set is a 10 piece set and includes the Sun, each of our planets and even has Pluto for you Pluto fans. It puts the solar system in the palm of your hand.

They’re beautiful and I think they’d be a great gift for any astronomy lover (especially if they drink liquids).

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joker burgers

Mark Hamill needs to stop by Not A Burger Stand as soon as possible.

(via Reddit)

Butter beer

Tasting butterbeer is one of many reasons to go to Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The drink is sweet and delicious and captures the flavor I imagined while reading J.K. Rowling’s books. Wizarding World offers the beverage as a regular drink, frozen, and as ice cream (read my review of butterbeer ice cream here).

That’s not enough though! Universal has added warm butterbeer to the menu again. The beverage is being sold at the Leaky Cauldron, Three Broomsticks, Hog’s Head Pub, The Fountain of Fair Fortune, and the Hopping Pot. No word on how long it will be available so order some hot butterbeer while you can!

(via Orlando Sentinel, photo by Amy Ratcliffe)


Halloween might be over, but these Skull Ice Molds are awesome year round. The molds come with two separate pieces, and you can get a perfectly formed skull by following the procedure outlined on the product page:

To freeze: Fill bottom half of mold up to seam. Put top half of mold on (match rear tabs). When frozen, remove from freezer. WITHOUT removing the top, fill the rest of the way (but leave a little space) and put back in freezer. Because of the magic of water molecules (and how they expand when frozen), this method prevents it the mold from leaking.

To unmold: Remove the cap. With your fingers at the edges and your thumbs at the base of the mold, push your thumbs out while peeling the mold back with your fingers. You might be tempted to run water over the mold to loosen it, but resist that urge! Keep working it out, and you’ll get a perfect icy skull.

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These ridiculously cute Jawa brownies are the work of Yummy Crumble (who also made that Sarlacc bunt cake we posted last month) and they’re perfect for the Christmas season. They’re super easy to make and start with your favorite boxed brownie mix. Once they’re baked, let them cool and use a Jawa cookie cutter to cut them out and give them their faces. Melt some chocolate flavored with a little peppermint extract, add yellow icing eyes, and you’ve got the cutest brownies in the galaxy.

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…and I’m just talking about the picture. Nevermind actually trying one.

The mad culinary scientists over at Philadelphia’s PYT restaurant are at it again. Known for creating strange burger monstrosities (like the Fried Chicken and Beer Burger), they recently created a very different sort of edible experiment: the Bacon Mac & Cheese Donut. It’s a glazed doughnut that’s packed with bacon, macaroni and tons of cheese, with a little extra bacon sprinkled on top. I’m honestly very tempted right now to try and eat my computer screen.

(via Eater)


Poor Jon Snow. He knows nothing, but to be fair there is at least one thing he does know. He definitely knows that he loves Yrgitte. These 8-bit mugs are the latest Game of Thrones designs from Etsy seller FleaBottom and they’re the perfect gift for your true love. Just be careful of any stray arrows aiming for your hearts.

Product Page ($25.80 via Geeky Merch)

baymax cake pops

From the moment I first saw Big Hero 6’s Baymax, I knew he was made to be turned into adorable edibles. The latest dessert to feature the inflatable robot is from Nerdache Cakes: Baymax cake pops! I want to hug them before eating them. Ant goes through the step-by-step for making the treats, and it doesn’t seem too difficult. Well, at least the version without armor doesn’t.

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