Pokémon Munchlax Lunch Bag


Why the hell does my lunch keep disappearing?

The Pokémon Munchlax Lunch Bag is a teal and cream colored canvas bag in the form of one of the cutest little foodies this side of Kalos. Munchlax will guard your food and try not to eat too much of it in the process, but it can’t help itself sometimes. Can you blame it? Your meal will be safely tucked away inside the spacious main compartment, and not in its fur like a real Munchlax. Good thing, too; it sometimes forgets what it’s storing in there.

And why does this mysterious thief keep leaving the egg salad sandwich? I just don’t get it. [click to continue…]


Granted, this method requires a little more effort and a lot more paper towels than tiny face pumpkins, but the effect might be worth it (for a quick Facebook post on Halloween anyway).

Basically, the same science behind that volcano project you did in 4th grade is applied here, but you can check out the video below to refresh your memory. [click to continue…]

Aquaman Likes To Party


The cast of Justice League threw a little wrap party recently, and it appears that Zach Snyder and even Batman himself withered under Aquaman’s intensity. They both have that awkward look on their face that says “I cannot hang with this man, I can only hope to survive”.

Of course, as we’ve seen in the past, Jason Momoa is a dude that knows how to have a good time. Check out pics from the party below. [click to continue…]


Have you ever seen a soda machine this noice? [click to continue…]


The one good thing about being old enough to remember playing games on the NES is that you are part of a generation that can fully appreciate the Bartendo line by Ink Whiskey.

Some of the items include warp pipe shot glasses, Kegaman double pint glasses (they should make a cocktail shaker version), Legend of Zelda Triforce ice trays, cartridge flasks, and more. It also looks like some of these items are going fast, so if you want something, you may want to power up and get over there before it’s game over. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

This Mug Isn’t Cardboard


This mug isn’t cardboard—it’s actually a ceramic piece created by Tim Kowalczyk who, according to deMilked, describes his inspiration thusly:

Objects I am drawn to can be described as pathetic, absurd, antiquated, banal, or even garbage,” writes the artist. “Objects are chosen that lack unique significance. However, I imagine a sublime provenance in these ordinary objects.

You can commission his unique creations on Etsy, or simply admire his work in the pictures below. [click to continue…]


The design of Cybermen has changed quite a bit since their first Doctor Who appearance back in ’66—a fact that is celebrated with these Doctor Who Evolution of the Cyberman Coasters. They’re cold cast from resin and aluminum and depict the Mark 1, Mark 04, Mark 05, and Mark 08 designs.

They mercilessly destroy water rings but may assimilate your smartphone should you place it on the coffee table. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


If you’ve ever watched Cougar Town, you know two things; the Cul De Sac Crew likes their wine and Jules is always up for any glass or gizmo that gets more wine into her body as efficiently as possible.

One of her big ideas was the Guzzle Buddy, a wine glass that doubles as a wine delivery system straight from the bottle, but we all thought it was fiction, right?

Someone has gone and made it a reality.

I don’t know if this is 100% official or just a straight up rip-off, but I’ve always wanted my own Guzzle Buddy. Other winos should consider getting it while the gettin’s good. Check out the Cougar Town below. [click to continue…]


Crazy food on the Internet is at it’s best when it is part genius and part madness. But the nugget of genius is so powerful that any potential flaws in the design are completely ignored. These recipes usually involve pizza.

Such is the case with The Vulgar Chef’s Pizza Koozie. Hot greasy hands? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

See how it was done in the video below. [click to continue…]


There’s a good reason IT-themed lattes aren’t on the menu at Starbucks. Just look at that creepy-ass clown. He WANTS you to take a sip. Then he’ll be in your veins.

Created by Michael Breach aka Baristart