Typically, Frito pies are fairly small, and they’re often served in the actual Frito chip bag. But Amy, of Oh Bite It! decided to make a pretty sizable nine-inch Frito pie uh…pie. Looks intense, right? This cheesy concoction calls for four cups of chili and two cups of cheddar–so yeah, this dish packs a lot of flavor.

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This Hobbit cake by Tartas Imposibles is definitely among the best nerdy cakes I’ve ever seen. I love how they were able to incorporate the book into the cake.

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Also, all of the little details, like the cold coins and the torn pages, make this cake a winner.

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street kombat

Are you familiar with Winter-een-mas? It’s a gamer’s holiday that was started by Tim Buckley in the Ctrl+Alt+Del comic strip and it takes place over the course of seven days between January 25th and 31st. Each day is devoted to a specific genre:

  • January 25th: Adventure games, symbolized by a man dressed as Indiana Jones.
  • January 26th: First Person Shooter (FPS) games, with a 21 year-old sleep deprived gamer as its symbol.
  • January 27th: Fighting games, represented by a martial artist with too many blows to the head
  • January 28th: Real-time Strategy (RTS) games, whose emblem is a large bearded man with a pocket protector inside another pocket protector.
  • January 29th: Racing games, shown as a racer with old-fashioned racing helmet and racing goggles holding a detached steering wheel.
  • January 30th: Role Playing Games (RPGs), depicted as an elf-like woman holding floating dice above her left hand.
  • January 31st: Sports games, with a round, middle-aged man wearing a #10 jersey and holding a beer bottle in each hand as its emblem.

We don’t need much of an excuse to celebrate around here, so for the rest of the week we will feature a Winter-een-mas-themed shirt from our merch store, leading up to a giveaway over the weekend. Since today is the 27th, the shirt is all about fighting games.

You can grab the shirt “Street Kombat” here. Head on over to our merch store for even more awesomely nerdy shirts.

And stay tuned the rest of the week for more Winter-een-mas shirts and our giveaway!


Let’s just say that you have a rabbit and that you also like beer. Why not put that rabbit to work? YouTuber Wallace TheMadKing explains:

This event marks the release of an epic accomplishment. I have been collaborating for the past year with my girlfriend’s pet rabbit to create performance art and “happenings” that capture this rabbit’s capabilities and worldly passions. In a million years, neither Wallace nor I would have guessed that our creative endeavors would take this route but after such a long journey we arrive at this significant moment.

And with that, you all set off to start building carts for your dogs, cats, hamsters, goldfish…

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doctor who rolling pin

It’s no secret that we think embossing rolling pins are pretty cool—but they’re even better when they’re geeky.

Now you can emboss your dough with Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Iron Man, or Harry Potter designs. Cute and easy. I love it.

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KFC may have gone a step too far with its latest creation. The Double Down Dog features a hot dog drizzled with cheese that is then sandwiched in a fried chicken bun. This follow-up to the Double Down Sandwich is being sold in super limited quantities. Participating stores appear to be limited to the Philippines at the moment, and each restaurant will be allowed to sell only 50 each day through January 27th.

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At this point, KFC has no plans to bring the hot dog to the U.S.

See a picture of the real deal after the break along with a list of participating locations.

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I only recently just finished a binge marathon of the first season of Attack on Titan on Netflix, and I’m telling you, I’m hooked. It seems like I’ve got plenty time to kill before the second season’s premiere date is finally announced, so like many other AOT fans, I’m looking for something to tide me over–and thankfully there are plenty of options floating around.

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There’s the manga series of course, but there are also some other unique offerings too, including plum wine. Hajime Isayama, the artist who created the series, grew up in Oita Prefecture in Japan, which is a rural part of the island nation that’s known for its plum wine industry. Isayama isn’t one to forget his roots, and in the past he’s teamed up with Hibiki no Sato, a local plum wine manufacturer, to produce AOT-themed plum wine. The first batch was successful, so Isayama and Hibiki no Sato have paired up again on a new batch.

AOT fans can purchase a wine set that features two 500-mililiter (16.9-ounce) bottles of two different types of plum wine (the labels were drawn by Isayama specifically for the project). The set is priced at 3,780-yen (US $31.50) and will also be available for preordering starting on February 24 from Lawson, a convenience store.

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Well, here’s a fine way to get a month’s caloric allotment in one meal. It’s a traditional Hungarian noodle dish called túrós csusza that (in this version at least) features noodles, bacon fat and sugar along with sour cream and cottage cheese. Food blogger Anna Péter shows you how it’s made and it looks absolutely delicious.

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Your standard X-Wing fighter comes with it all: I’m talking proton torpedoes, an R2 unit and even a snazzy orange jumpsuit. But do you know what it doesn’t come with? A bottle opener. That’s crucial if the Death Star happens to be a beer.

It won’t be an easy mission though. There will be plenty of TIE fighter bottle openers blocking your path.

Product Page: ($15.99 / Pre-order for July 2015)


People who commute on public transportation get used to seeing some pretty weird stuff, but a guy wearing a hollowed out watermelon on his head was too much for the residents of Beijing. According to the Daily Telegraph:

One commuter told the Beijing Morning Post he was freaked out by the man who loves to put on the hollowed-out fruit helmet and reported him to police.

“It was so scary last night when I was on the metro,” he said.

“This guy was just hanging around on the train wearing a watermelon mask with a beer bottle … apparently he was totally drunk.”

“I was scared by this watermelon brother too,” said another passenger. “I posted some pictures of him on Weibo.”

Beijing Metro Police questioned the man after being alerted to his location by passengers and subway staff.

Never trust a man wearing a watermelon.

(Dave Barry via Neatorama)