Cookies and chips…with dip? How could you possibly resist the Dark Side now?

Each Death Star bowl holds 64 fl. oz. for your chips and/or your dip. Clearly, the Dark Side has a lot of dip. It’s the Dip Side.

Check out an image of the dip bowls formed into the full Death Star after the break…

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The Latte Ness Monster

latte ness monster

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Tracey from Little Cherry Cake Company does Disney/Pixar justice with this cake featuring Sulley, Mike and Boo from Monsters, Inc.

As you’ll see in the additional photos after the jump, the attention to detail is pretty damned impressive. It must have been a delicious shame to take a fork to it.

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Despite the fact that Tony Stark has a lot on his plate, he hasn’t forgotten about the importance of protecting your beer. This Iron Man Mini Fridge has a convenient carry handle for portability and it will keep a six pack nice and cold (or warm thanks to a heating function). It even has light up eyes!

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La Ricetta Ristorante Pizzeria in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture is known for more than just Italian food – they have also become famous for creating artistic pancakes featuring popular Manga characters.

The creations are made solely with pancake batter, soy milk and awesome skill, with the color differences being achieved by varied cooking times.

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Jell-O Tennis [Video]

jello tennis

As you’ll see, watching Jell-O get slapped with a tennis racket is surprisingly entertaining.

The slow motion definitely helps.

Check out the video after the break…

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Jack And Coke

tnbc display target

Somebody at Target deserves a raise.

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Stupidiotic has provided an essential piece of survival gear for pizza fanatics in the form of a portable pouch that can be worn around your neck.

However, with its proximity to your mouth and nostrils, this thing will almost certainly serve as a constant temptation that will never be full long enough to serve its intended purpose.

Product Page: ($8 via Neatorama)


If I could build a shrine to coffee, I probably would. I need my daily intake of caffeine pretty badly, and if I don’t get it… well, I can pretty much say goodbye to productivity in general. Needless to say, I would love if my PB&J became a CPB&J.

Steem, the Massachusetts-based company behind the spread, notes that the product features an entire cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine in a single tablespoon. Steem’s co-founder, Chris Pettazzoni, told the Boston Herald that, “It’s a time-saver; your two favorite products in one jar.”

So how do you add caffeine to peanut butter in an all-natural way? Well, green-coffee extract is added to each jar, which gives the peanut butter it’s energetic kick. As far as other ingredients go, the peanut butter features only the necessities: salt, peanuts, peanut oil and agave nectar for a little extra sweetness.

Product Page: ($4.99)

[Boston Herald via The Consumerist]


Cinnamon Bun Oreos have been spotted on store shelves (supposedly)! Notice that they aren’t branded as a limited edition flavor. Indeed, they could very well be a permanent addition. Word is that they will be hitting store shelves next month.

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Was not partnering with Cinnabon a missed opportunity here?

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