The Goblet Of Deadpool

deadpool goblet

They’re making another Indiana Jones film you know. AWESOME CROSSOVER TWIST: make this Deadpool Goblet the artifact he’s looking for. Of course, Deadpool himself is the only person that can drink from it without melting—so they have to team up.

Against all odds they strike up a friendship. At the end, Indy finally decides that he’s too old for this sh*t and passes the torch to Deadpool.

Naturally, the first film in a new trilogy would be Indiana Deadpool vs Mutt Williams and I would watch the hell out of it.

Deadpool Ceramic Molded Goblet ($16.99)


Trembling? Your blood sugar is probably low. The Death Star Toaster will annihilate your hunger. It even stamps the Star Wars logo onto your bread.

Granted, it kinda doesn’t make sense to model a toaster on a round object like the Death Star, but dammit—the Empire leaves no stone unturned:

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In an “I see what you did there” moment, Jersey Jack Gelato in Perth, Western Australia created an offering called “Little Mostro” which consists of a massive cone stuffed with three scoops of gelato and two mini cones topped with whatever you can handle. It looks like the perfect respite from the brutal Australian summer (which begins in December).

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Using Blender 3D modeling software, Kugane Production generated this CG burger that will fool your appetite into generating hunger pangs and drool.

The motivation behind the project is unclear (perhaps the joys of creating a virtual burger were enough), but for those who demand proof, there is a brief video after the jump that lifts the veil to reveal the CGI renderings beneath. [click to continue…]


The events in Orlando have resonated all over the world and Pride celebrations reflect that. Rainbow flags and colors have been showing up all over the place in solidarity.

In honor of London Pride, Skittles decided their rainbow needed to take a back seat.

Sometimes brands get it right. As you’ll see in the video below, this was a sweet gesture in more ways than one. [click to continue…]


Using Game of Thrones book series A Song Of Ice And Fire as inspiration, Cocktail Chemistry created a themed drink that is simultaneously frozen and flaming.

As you’ll see in the video below, the recipe requires a delicate hand, patience and caution. It will also give you a brief, entertaining show before it helps get you bombed. [click to continue…]


Though Martian soil contains a hefty dose of toxic metals like lead and arsenic, Dutch scientists with Wageningen University have recently announced that rye, tomatoes, peas and radishes grown in Martian soil are actually safe to consume.

The scientists have been growing crops in simulated red planet soil since 2013, and while they actually haven’t tasted any of the produce yet, they note that these four can be grown safely on Mars without absorbing dangerous amounts of heavy metals. The researchers are testing other crops (yes, potatoes is among them), and they’re currently working to raise funds for this red-planet-veggie project.

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In all the times I’ve talked about Sam at Cakes Cove, I had no idea that she was a cosplayer.

I’m thinking that this photoshoot needs to spark a new trend. Attention everyone—we need more cosplay with cakes!

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This Ghostbusters-themed menu from Japanese fast-food chain J.S. Burgers Café might come back to haunt you.

Specifically your butthole.

Their Marshmallow Mad Burger looks interesting as a dessert. I mean, I’m a fan of both Oreos and marshmallows. Who isn’t? Of course, I’d like to know what the bun is made of and what that sauce is, but it looks fairly straightforward.

Where you start to lose me is with the “G.B. Burger” which apparently has black olive and anchovy paste, some white stuff and the ubiquitous black bun.

The “Black Chili Chips” looks like a side of potato chips with some black chili beans more white stuff, some red stuff…I..yeah, no.

Finally, we get a little ectoplasm coloring with some sort of green kiwi smoothie. I think I’ve also identified little candy burgers, green maraschino cherries…and are those green corn chips? Slimer only knows.

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Since isopods are a thing that’s popular in Japan, we now have an isopod tea infuser. It was only a matter of time I suppose.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to travel to the Numazu Deepblue Aquarium in Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture to get one. One user commented that tea kept gushing out of the crustacean’s bottom holes, making it “grosser than expected”… We imagine that its weird looking smile didn’t help.

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