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Add some TARDIS blue to your cupboard with these eye-catching Doctor Who plates from ThinkGeek. The 8 inch square plates come in sets of four and feature different sections of the TARDIS. Use them to serve fish fingers and custard, Jelly Babies, or Jammie Dodgers.

Note: though they can travel through time and space, these dishes are not suitable for the microwave.

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The Tokyo Station Gundam Cafe is becoming McDaniel Hamburgers Gundam Cafe and it’s Gundam burgers for everyone.

Named after the restaurant in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, McDaniel will open in Tokyo on November 19.

Currently on the menu: a Sleggar Burger, which is their basic hamburger, Gundam burger with Gouda cheese, a Char Zaku burger with special tomato sauce, olive and capers, or a Zaku II burger with avocado, steak sauce and woven trio of special wasabi soy sauces.

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dancing groot mug

As someone who is firmly of the opinion that there is no such thing as too much dancing baby Groot, I’m in love with this new figural mug by Entertainment Earth.

Groot’s mini pot is actually a mug. Plus, you can put the top on to keep the coffee warm. Seems like the perfect mug to keep by your side when you’re working.

It’s not in stock until May of next year, but you can pre-order now.

Product Page ($14.99)

Too Many Cookies [Video]

toomanycookies copy

Adult Swim’s “Too Many Cooks” viral video has been all over the internet lately, but it was oddly Muppet-free. This parody video called “Too Many Cookies” by YouTubers Tough Pigs corrects that oversight.

Basically, it’s all about one particular muppet’s infatuation with cookies. I’ll let you take it from there.

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Cartoonist Josh Hara is turning his daily cup of Joe into a work of art by sketching pictures on the back of Starbucks coffee cups. They all come with a punchline, many coffee-based, and are really impressive. He’s even done some that involve more than one cup to create the scene, like a line of evolving cavemen. He told Mashable:

I think that if I was just sharing cartoons on a flat piece of paper, people wouldn’t be enjoying them as much as they have been. I think there is some extra interest in taking something we see every day, something that often gets thrown into the trash, and transforming it into a piece of artwork.

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On the fence about the usefulness of a smartwatch? Consider that debate settled because you can now use one to track the status of your Domino’s pizza order. They’ve teamed up with Pebble to create an app that will let you know how close you are to a hot slice of pepperoni. It alerts you to stops in the process including: Order Placed, Prep, Bake, Quality Check, and finally Out For Delivery so you know exactly when that delivery car is about to show up in your driveway. Who wants pizza tonight?

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Twix by the yard

Measuring your candy bar intake just got a whole lot easier. You can buy Twix by the yard now.

Eric Stangel tweeted the above photo which equates 18 twin bar packs of Twix to a Twix Yard. Hopefully they don’t decide to make a king-size version that covers and entire football field.

(via Super Punch)


The book You Have to F*cking Eat is the brilliant follow-up to You Have To F*cking Sleep, both of which deal with some of the biggest frustrations of parenting. Now you can get an audio version of You Have to F*cking Eat narrated by none other than Bryan Cranston. This is an excerpt but you can download the whole thing for free on Audible. Try not to giggle-snort your coffee while you listen.

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This isn’t a stylish steampunk corset—it’s a cake. Seriously, you can eat this. It was made by baker Sheila Jimenez, who’s part of the Steampunk Sugar Geeks–a collection of over 40 “sugar artists” who all really love steampunk. Color me impressed.

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Red Robin has announced that they’ve added a new red wine milkshake to their menu.

It’s called the “Divalicious” Red Wine Shake, and it features “Little Black Dress” Divalicious Red Wine, whipped cream-flavored vodka, raspberry puree and vanilla soft serve ice cream. The milkshake also comes with a wine charm that’s in the shape of a little black dress. *Shudder*

Of course, Red Robin’s use of the word “diva” in a product shouldn’t come as surprise. This is the same company that recently released Cronut knockoffs called Doh! Rings.

(via Eater)