oreo churros

Up until now, Oreo Churros were something you could only enjoy in public venues. However, bite-sized versions that are actually filled with creme (as opposed to the earlier dippable version) may be lurking in the frozen dessert section of your grocery store as you read this.

They could be there. Right. This. Second.

Assuming you haven’t already bolted for the door, know that the cookies are made with Oreo pieces that are filled with classic creme and topped with crumb sugar. The 10-inch sticks will continue to be exclusively available at sporting venues, movie theaters and the like.

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right cup

If you’re turned off by water’s lack of flavor, a new product called The Right Cup may help you get the recommended eight glasses a day.

The cup features FDA-approved fruity scents and flavors of oranges, berries, lemon-lime, or apples baked into the cup itself. The idea is to to trick your brain into thinking that you’re actually drinking juice, all while leaving the water itself unaffected.

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Dragon Ball fans might need to plan a trip to visit Danke Dinning. The Nagoya, Japan-based restaurant serves edible Dragon Balls. Who knew they were so easy to find?

The Dragon Balls are included in a hot-pot style meal called “Dragon Ball Nabe”. The restaurant makes the balls using collagen jelly and the tiny stars are made using carrots.

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weird pizza party

Maymo the lemon beagle and his little sister Penny have been invited to a pizza party that’s as weird as pizza parties can get.

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nerdalicious products

While we plan to pull together some gift guides for holiday shopping, we’ve also made it easy to find the coolest, nerdiest items for the kitchen that we’ve discovered this year. All you need to do is browse our Approved Products section. It’s updated daily.

You can also check out Nerd Approved’s section for nerdy toys, games and more. Or head on over to Fashionably Geek’s section for awesomely nerdy fashions.

Finally, you can check out our Shirt Store and our Deals Store for even more ideas.

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A group of bros were reported for drunk driving motorized picnic tables through the busy streets of Perth, Australia.

Police are apparently pissed and concerned, stating that they are risking their safety an the safety of others by driving unlicensed, un-roadworthy vehicles while drunk and wearing no protective clothing.

The world waits with bated breath to see if this story ends with a police chase.

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After watching Master sushi chef Hiroyuki Terada perform a work of art in the video below, I’m convinced that a Big Mac is better in sushi form.

Master chef Terada transformed the burgers while still using all of the original ingredients—everything, from the buns to the patty make an appearance in the final dish.

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star wars ugly sweater mug

This Christmas is going to be all about Star Wars, so you might as well drink your spiked eggnog out of this.

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Ooh…this is one clever quesadilla.

Head on over to Totally The Bomb for the complete recipe (then make this for dessert).

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In January, Nestle Japan is planning to release a limited edition series of 500 Kit-Kat bars wrapped in gold leaf. The $17 bars will be available exclusively at Nestle’s Kit-Kat specialty store “Chocolatory” in celebration of the store welcoming over a million visitors since opening last year.

If you’re lucky enough to nab one, maybe you should put it away for a rainy day. Wait for the price of gold to rise and sell it to some idiot on eBay and make your fortune.

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