fett mug

With Boba Fett’s image and best known quote, this is the perfect mug for any Star Wars fan who’s no good to the world without coffee.

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Frito-Lay recently posted this creepily realistic image of Chester Cheetah to announce the upcoming release of “Sweetos” – the latest addition to their Cheetos line of products. As the name implies, Sweetos will dispense with the signature cheese taste and instead provide the flavor of cinnamon and sugar in familiar puff form.

The move, which marks the brand’s first foray into sweetness territory in their 67 year history, is all part of an effort to appeal to consumers who want a sweet taste without resorting to overly sugary products, and it appears that additional flavors will be added to the line in the future. The company has also paid attention to those who are accustomed to the mounds of cheese dust that make up the Cheetos experience, and have promised “a similar playful experience when eating Sweetos”.

The product will hit shelves in late February, with 7 ounce bag of the cinnamon flavor setting you back $3.49.

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In terms of flavor, Bud Light is in stiff competition with a water fountain. In terms of advertising, they’re hard to beat. Naturally, they pull out all the stops for the Super Bowl.

This year they went above and beyond for their #UpForWhatever campaign. Apparently “whatever” can include navigating a a human-sized Pac-Man maze. Oh yes.

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shirt sale

The entire collection of shirts in our Nerdalicious / Nerd Approved Merch store (and TeePublic in general) are on sale for just $14 through the weekend. This includes hundreds of nerdy shirts from the best independent designers. The full breakdown looks like this:

  • Shirts: $14
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  • Kids Tees: $14
  • Hoodies: $35

We’ve also added a bunch of new designs, some of which you can preview in the image above.

So head on over to the store and get your favorite designs while you can!

marvel mugs

We know that a battle between Iron Man and the Hulk is happening in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, but you can preview this battle at home whenever you make coffee.

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The Hulkbuster mug vs. the Hulk mug. Who will win? Just when you think Tony Stark has him, the Hulk cookie jar shows up. Check that out after the break…

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An 8-inch by 6-inch gelatin mold of Deadpool’s severed head with exposed brain is for more than just making awesome shaped chocolates, cakes, etc. You could really have fun with this.

Add word bubbles, incorporate tacos, make his head out of chocolate (or ice), smash it, then melt it back together again. Maybe even dress up as a headless Deadpool then throw your Jell-O heads around at parties. The possibilities are endless.

The mold is available for pre-order now with shipment slated for June 2015.

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You may think that an Irish taco would be doused with booze before having punches thrown at it in the rain, but as Conan O’Brien recently demonstrated, you would only be partially right.

After noticing that one of his employees is a Taco Bell superfan, Coco treated him to a behind the scenes look at the restaurant’s headquarters in California. In the process, they visited the test kitchen and were given the opportunity to make their own creations, which included the marriage of tacos and ice cream cones in “La Cone-A”, The Hands-Free Burrito (which didn’t arrive in time for this guy), and finally the Irish “O’Taco”, which consists of cabbage, mashed potatoes and corn beef topped with Guinness.

The entire visit is chronicled in the video after the break, and includes a taste test of the chain’s experimental “quesalupa”, an in-house museum tour, and employees’ awkward banter with a TV host.

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These striking chocolates were designed by Oki Sato of Nendo. He was named Designer of the Year by Maison et Objet and made this very special set of 9 chocolates for the occasion.

Each represents a Japanese onomatopoeic word that describes texture. There will only be 400 sets of Chocolatexture made and they’ll be sold during a special event held today in Paris.

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Oh, Target

call of target

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Some college students in North Carolina may have to go without their staple meal for awhile after a tractor-trailer accident resulted in a bounty of Ramen noodles being spread across interstate 95 near Rocky Mount.

The truck’s driver reportedly nodded off at the wheel and slammed into an overpass support, splitting the trailer in half and prompting a spontaneous noodle exodus. Thankfully, nobody was injured in the crash, but a detour had to be set up while crews cleaned up what surely amounted to tens of dollars worth of product which was then transported to a local landfill.

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