Ad agency BBDO Bangkok and the Thai government health board have created the “AbsorbPlate” and claim that it will soak up an average of about 7ml of oil (or 30 calories on average) from meals that are placed on it.

The plate is based on a sponge and employs 500 perforated holes to draw away the calories. It is hoped that it will help combat the country’s obesity problem by reducing the calories in Thai cuisine, which is notoriously oily.

At the moment, the plates are still in the development stage and no release date has been set. However, we would guess that when the time comes, they’ll be absorbing a lot of money as well. Check out the video below…

61nAbNuRd5L._SL1024_-e1463610317766Cuteness alert. A-OOOOO-GAH!

These cozy plush slippers are based on that adorable little worm from Labyrinth. You know, the one that says “‘Ello” to Sarah in the maze?

They’re listed as “one size fits most adults up to size 12” but even if you have tiny feet, how could you not get them and just wander around the house saying “‘Ello” to people?

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As both a Star Wars fan and a whiskey fan, I am absolutely delighted to learn of the existence of a blogger who goes by the name of Scotchtrooper.

There’s also an Instagram account with, wait for it…whiskey and Star Wars-themed photos.

This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. See more after the break…


Japan is about to increase belching nationwide with the release of super-carbonated Pepsi.

Pepsi Strong 5.0GV offers five times more carbonation than a typical Pepsi, and comes in a much smaller, structurally reinforced bottle. The offering also ups the ante when it comes to caffeine and is available in two varieties, Pepsi Strong 5.0GV, in a 420 and 490 ml bottles, and sugar-free Pepsi Strong 5.0GV Zero, which will be available only in a 490 ml bottle.

The official release is slated for June 21st, although the the company is offering free bottles to 10,000 fans who log on to the Pepsi promotional site via Twitter and 5,000 to those who follow the official Suntory Line Facebook account by 5:00 pm on June 6th. Of course, you’ll have to live in Japan to take advantage.

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chemistry cake

Redditor mlukeman notes:

Made by my coworker – the icing contains Vit. B12 which causes it to glow yellow (in the dark) when exposed to a blacklight!

He didn’t say anything about people at the party transforming into the Hulk, but we have to assume that’s exactly what happened.


I’ve seen some weird vinyl figures in my day, but these Ghostbusters “Funedibles” figures are truly baffling. The above “Pizza Venkman” and the below “Slimer Lime Gelatin” figures are supposedly so cute that, well, you’ll want to take a bite out of them.

They even have a Stay Puft version, which kind of ruins the whole concept. Read more after the break…


In his latest video, YouTuber JP Sears is showing hardcore vegans how they look to the rest of the world by using their approach to promote a meat-only diet. As you’ll see, it’s hilarious, but vegans will have to check their pride at the break. [click to continue…]

Screen-Shot-2016-05-17-at-2.25.55-PMI don’t know what it is about this Game Of Thrones/Sansa-inspired dress that I find so utterly captivating, but I’ve seen it in person and it’s just gorgeous. Elhoffer Design nailed it with this stretch burnout velvet over stretch scuba—and the sleeves flare out at the elbow in a gorgeous sweep.

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The next time you have an Alice In Wonderland-themed party, you’ll be able to serve beers like March Hare Hops, Chesire Common, Red Queen’s Pale Ale, Mad Hatter’s Hard Tea, or Wonderlager by using free printable beer labels by Costume Discounters.

Having seen these labels, I wish these beers were real! They sound delicious.
Take a closer look at the labels below…


Diehard burger fans are probably familiar with PornBurger: a slightly outrageous burger blog run by D.C. chef Mathew Ramsey. But for the uninitiated, PornBurger showcases sexy burgers that are so rich and tasty, your heart may actually explode.

If you can’t get enough of these crazy burgers, then you’ll be happy to hear that Ramsey has published a PornBurger cookbook. The book features 300 pages of sensual, puntastic recipes like the Bill U Murray Me? and the Spamela Anderson. Awwwww yeahhhhh.

Pornburger Cookbook: ($16.00)

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