dalek cake 1

Finally, a Dalek that won’t go after the Doctor! This Dalek won’t be exterminating anyone because it’s only a harmless cake. Happy Occasion Cakes made this edible version of a Dalek, and it’s so detailed that it practically looks like a toy. The fact that the eyestalk and base light up only adds to that illusion.

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Apparently, a crafty sandwich thief caused a fair amount of havoc at an office. Said thief started a note war, further escalating the conflict. However, you might be surprised to see how the conflict actually ends.

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Here’s one for all you cat lovers who also love pizza. I’m thinking that’s a Venn diagram with a lot of overlap. There’s a webseries running for Japanese Pizza Huts that shows the day-to-day antics of its cat employees. Yes, cats make the pizza and face all the inherent challenges of the task.

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butterup 2

If you’ve ever had a problem buttering something because the butter was too hard or because you can’t keep a pat of butter on a knife (yes, I’m that person), allow me to introduce you to The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp Kickstarter project.

The ButterUp is a knife that quickly and easily grates your butter onto the knife for easy spreadability. No muss or fuss or broken toast.

No wonder this thing has funded way beyond the proposed budget. It’s one of those wonderfully simple but brilliant items that are an absolute must-have.

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doctor who cassandra nacho dip

Season eight of Doctor Who premiered over the weekend, and Peter Capaldi got his first full episode as the Twelfth Doctor. An occasion that important deserves epic theme parties, and Kristin, a.k.a. superspacechick, rose to the occasion. She shared photos of her Who-rrific party on Instagram, and I’m so sad no one in my area didn’t put together a party like this.

Edibles included: a TARDIS cake, Who-themed Jammie Dodgers, Cassandra nacho dip, Ood cupcakes, and Adipose cupcakes. She went all out with the decorations too with red bow tie napkins, decorated balloons, TARDIS and fez plastic cups, and a photo op in front of a TARDIS blanket. It all looks epic.

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You might think the life of a pizza maker is all fun and glamour, but it’s hard work. One clever pizza maker decided to prove this by attaching a GoPro to the tongs that pull your hot and tasty pizza from the oven. Watch as a dizzying array of pizzas are pulled from the conveyor to be handed over to the hungry masses. Warning: Watching this video will practically guarantee you’ll want pizza for dinner tonight.

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If you need a good reminder to never, ever blink in the presence of a Weeping Angel, then you should probably pre-order this Doctor Who Weeping Angel Table Cloth, which will be available this November.

Once you get it, you can plan an illustrious dinner in honor of the good Doctor. I’m not sure what you could put on the menu. Fish fingers and custard maybe? Perhaps we should wait to see what the 12th doctor fancies.

Product Page: ($40.99)


Steins always strike me as a fancy way to imbibe a beerl. They’re not exactly portable though. ThinkGeek has tackled that problem by creating a resin shell that looks like pewter. It was once an April Fool’s Day gag product, but now, it’s been made real.

The faux stein, called Can-in-Stein, fits any standard 12 ounce can. You can carry it around with you at all times and drink beer or sodas like a king.

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(via Cheezburger)

caramel apple oreo

The wave of exotic, flavored Oreos continues with caramel apple. Target Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Jones announced the new flavor on social media and stated they’d be available exclusively at Target. I feel skeptical about the combination working in cookie form, but I’d definitely be open to trying it.

Caramel Apple Oreos are already on store shelves. Will you be buying a package?

(Brand Eating via Consumerist)