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If you want to make your table corners kid friendly and simultaneously adorable, then check out these animal-shaped corner protectors. Applied with simple double sided tape, they will prevent the bruises and inevitable fits of swearing that come with banging any part of your body on a corner. They will also make it look like the surface is being consumed by a cat, bear and frog who bit off way more than they could chew.

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Vietnamese freelance artist Nguyen Quang Huy is a big fan of superheroes. What makes his work so unique is his habit of using everyday objects as part of his drawings. From matchboxes to chili peppers, to onions, he sees heroes everywhere.

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General Mills is officially jumping aboard the natural ingredients train. Much like Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Panera have planned with their offerings, General Mills has announced that they will remove artificial colors and flavors from their entire line of cereal products.

Artificial colors like Red 40, Yellow 6 and Blue 1 will be phased out and replaced with colors made using spices and fruit and vegetable concentrates. The process will begin with Cocoa Puffs, Reese’s Puffs and Trix making the switch by the end of the year. The process will be completed in 2017.

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Behold the work of Oak Lawn, Illinois baker Timmy Hanno aka archiehemmingway who made these Alien-themed treats as gifts for his girlfriend. It included both a raspberry-filled facehugger fritter and a raspberry-filled xenomorph head. Nothing says true love like deadly alien donuts.

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It’s a challenge figuring out how to display the things you collect, but Gabe Fonseca came up with a neat solution for his cereal box collection. He used them to decorate his walls.

They’re mounted with magnets that stick to metal-plated walls and are all carefully arranged by color.

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If you like League of Legends and coffee, I’m about to make your day. Etsy seller linkitty has custom League Of Legends mugs that can be customized with a champion and server.

She also has lots of other cute mugs and items, like a Poro Bunch mug, which would definitely make your day brighter.

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McDonald’s is struggling financially, but their packaging design game is strong. Back in May they debuted a takeout bag that turns into a serving tray, and now they’ve developed a takeout container that’s designed specifically for cyclists.

Created by ad agency Tribal Buenos Aires in Argentina, the “McBike” container can be transported on the handlebars of a bike, and it can securely hold a burger, drink and fries.

The McBike debuted in Copenhagen, Denmark, and then it popped up in Medellin, Colombia. The next step, apparently, is to introduce the container to cities that are known for being bike friendly (like Amsterdam and Tokyo). While I haven’t actually seen a cyclist pop into a McDonalds drive-thru before, it seems as though McDonald’s is starting to encourage the idea. Maybe we’ll see it in Portland sometime soon.

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We’ve seen the pancake creations of Nathan Shields before, but this time he’s taking us all to Hogwarts.

Watch as he creates incredibly detailed (and delicious) likenesses of Harry, Hermione, Ron, Snape and even Dumbledore in the video after the break…

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drunkracoon copy

Oh, Rocket, what happened to you?

This poor little raccoon is out for trouble, as you’ll see in the video after the break. First, he broke into a liquor warehouse, then he knocked over a few bottles and started imbibing. Heavily. Let’s hope he was able to find a nice tree to curl up inside and sleep it off.

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Post is gearing up to celebrate summer by combining the flavors of rainbow sherbet ice cream with Pebbles cereal in a new offering that will be hitting select store shelves sometime soon – albeit for a limited time. So, if you end up loving them, know that they will disappear with the fall and wind up as one of those summer flings that ended too soon.

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