Ordinarily, I would say that it is waaaaaay to early to be talking about Christmas stuff, but just look at how awesome Halmark’s upcoming Harry Potter Gringotts ornament is! It’s one of the most interesting ornaments they’ve produced in recent years, and that’s saying something. See more on Nerd Approved

After years of commercials showing M&M’s as sentient beings, the internet couldn’t help but take notice of what appears to be a horrific act occurring on the label of the new caramel offering. [click to continue…]

When it comes to themed pop-up cafes in Japan, it seems that nothing is off the menu—not even a manga about ghouls that eat human flesh. But there’s a Tokyo Ghoul movie coming out, so what the hell you know? [click to continue…]

The Wonder Woman fashion collection designed by Her Universe is now live at Hot Topic, Torrid and HerUniverse.com! Without further ado, let’s take a look at all of the fantastic designs. See more on Fashionably Geek

Pepsi Fire. None of the things you enjoy about Fireball whiskey and everything you hate about Pepsi collide in a new beverage set to launch for a limited time on May 22nd. [click to continue…]

Gamestop is the only place to get this sweet NERF Rival Star Wars Battlefront Apollo XV-700 Blaster and Face Mask Set that comes complete with a reusable display box, blaster, face mask, and 7 foam rounds. See more on Nerd Approved

Kellogg’s continues to blur the line between breakfast and dessert with the announcement that Jolly Rancher-flavored Pop-Tarts are on the way. [click to continue…]


Can Neil deGrasse Tyson keep his cool and educate you about the universe when his insides are about to go supernova? See how he handled the Hot Ones spicy wings challenge in the video below. [click to continue…]

Susan aka Koumori-No-Hime Cosplay sent us this adorable cosplay of her Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa infused with a little Dunkin’ Donuts flair. She even provided a tutorial video for the Dunkin’ Ronpa cosplay that starts with this shirt by Bit Polar. Check out more pics and the video below. [click to continue…]

I am not fully caught up on Silicon Valley, but I’ve learned that recent episodes involve a Shazam-esque app that can correctly distinguish random objects from a hot dog. This is a mistake I’ve made many times in the past (I mean, the difference between a hot dog and a wiener dog are nearly imperceptible. It wasn’t my fault!), so I can’t tell you how happy I am that HBO has released this as an actual iPhone app. There’s even a page for the app on Product Hunt. Check out an “interview” with creator Jian-Yang below.
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