booze shoes 1

If hiding a small bottle of liquor in your bag isn’t possible, you can now purchase a pair of shoes suited for the purpose. The Johnnie Tan Leather Brogues look dashing and have a suede-lined heel compartment that holds a mini bottle of whisky, specifically Johnnie Walker Red Label. Fancy, no?

To add to the classy factor, the shoes are leather, made in Italy, part of a limited edition, and have hand-stitched detailing. Just one thing to keep in mind: don’t try to wear these shoes on your next flight.

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Thanks to the massive success of the Doritos Locos taco, Taco Bell may be ready to double dip on the chips. At an investor presentation, one of the slides included a Fritos taco shell under the heading “Revolutionizing the Taco.” Parent company Yum! wasn’t willing to confirm that the Fritos taco will exist, but it seems like a natural move for Taco Bell.

Since the 2012 launch, they’ve sold one billion Doritos tacos. Yes, billion with a “B.” The next big thing in fast food seems to be convincing us all that what’s in the office vending machine can be turned into taco shells and pizza crust. Anyone working on a Funyuns taco shell?

(Business Insider via Eater)

nerdy foodies gifts

If you know a nerd that loves to cook, we’ve got a whole mess of good gift ideas for you. Head after the break to see them all.

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sub stop motion

Stop motion filmmaker PES has released a new video that’s both bizarre and beautiful. It features a sub made from everyday items such as sports equipement, playing cards, googly eyes, shredded paper, and more. It sounds weird, but the result is surprisingly mesmerizing.

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Donuts are generally round with a hole in the middle unless they’re filled, but have you ever stopped to consider whether or not the hole is optimally sized? Mathematician Dr. Eugenia Cheng did, so she used calculus to figure out the right size for the hole. She first determined that a bigger hole increases the surface area creating a crisper donut.

She then went on to measure the “squidginess” and “crispiness” ratios of the donut to determine that a ratio of 3.5:1 which comes along with an 11 mm hole makes for perfection. Of course, your tastes may vary but I’ll buy into any science that uses a term like “squidginess” to prove its point.

(Daily Telegraph via Neatorama / Image: Jerry Huddleston)

smaug cake 1

Smaug spends most of his time covered in gold and looking menacing, but he occasionally takes a break to look fantastic in cake form. Baker Sheila Haughie of I Love Cakes By Sheila crafted this stunning dessert for a Cakes from Middle-earth Cake Collaboration in honor of  The Hobbit. The cake features Smaug flying towards Lake-town saying “I am fire, I am death” and spewing flames. Haughie placed LEDs inside the chest of the dragon to make it glow.

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deadpool luggage tag

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to announce that you have chimichangas in your luggage, but if you’re going to declare something, it may as well be delicious.

One thing’s for sure, if you have this Marvel Deadpool Chimichangas Luggage Tag on your bags, you’ll definitely know which non-descript black bag is yours when it comes down the chute.

Product Page ($6.80)


This is one time that you won’t mind being Rickrolled. These are delicious King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls painted in food gel dye with a cut out template of Rick Astley’s face. You’ve been deliciously Rickrolled!

Also, there’s now a hilarious exchange happening between the folks at King’s Hawaiian and Nerdist where the recipe was first posted.

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food hat 1

No hat you own could be as ridiculous and awesome as these creations by ChiliPhilly. The accessories are crocheted to look like food – everything from hot dogs to donuts to burgers to sushi. They’ll keep you warm and keep you hungry.

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Keurig machines are wonderful for brewing your favorite coffees, but only if those coffees come in official Keurig K-Cups. All other cups get rejected in the new locked down machines. This has proven frustrating for many people, but there’s a simple hack for getting your Keurig to brew any cup.

All you need to do is cut the lid off of a used K-Cup and tape it over the impostor to trick the machine into thinking it’s official. You can make the hack permanent by taping a small portion of a real cup to the inside of the brewer. A pair of scissors and some tape and you’re ready to brew.

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