The latest Frappuccino flavor will hit Starbucks on April 28th and will only be around for a limited time. The S’mores Frappuccino will feature marshmallow-infused whipped cream, milk chocolate sauce, and a blend of graham, coffee, milk and ice. It will be topped with more of that marshmallow whipped cream and some crumbled graham crackers.

Sounds delicious!

If you would like to try one, the best time to go would be between the hours of 3 and 5pm May 1st though May 10th during their Happy Hour promotion. All Frap flavors are half off during that time.

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This hunky hero is the magnificent confection of master cake maker Ant Roman of Nerdache Cakes. Her Star-Lord cake inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy has an amazing amount of detail.

We’ve featured Nerdache Cakes many times in the past, which is why we’re excited about her Kickstarter project. The goal is to open a “Nerdache Cakes Bakery + Café” where patrons can enjoy “level-up inducing treats that are decadent, fun, and a nod to your favorite icons in pop culture nerd-ery”.

There are plenty of fantastic incentives for backers, including Nerdache Box subscriptions (think of it like Loot Crate but with noms).

Check out her project video along with more Star-Lord cake pics after the break. 

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When you think of ice cream you think Ben & Jerry’s. Now you can also think beer as they’ve partnered with New Belgium to create “Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale” with 6.3% ABV. It’s described as being packed with “chocolaty, salted-caramel, vanilla goodness”.

Sales will benefit Protect Our Winters and you can look for it to arrive sometime this fall. Fingers crossed they turn Chunky Monkey into a beer next.

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Everybody loves spaghetti and meatballs, right? Well, there is one downside to the dish–you can’t exactly eat it on the go. Not to worry, because Los Angeles-based eatery The Carving Board has just solved that particular dilemma with their Spaghetti Meatballwich.

The sandwich features buns made from spaghetti along with meatballs and gooey mozzarella. Honestly, how amazing does that look?

Check out the full pic after the break…

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Time is running out to get in on Loot Crate’s “Fantasy” subscription box for April. The description reads:

Do you like swords, sorcery, and the occasional mythical beast? Well you’re in luck! This month, Loot Crate™ is all about FANTASY! We’re giving you epic collectible (and wearable) items from some of your favorite fantasy franchises, including Game of Thrones, Dungeons & Dragons, Harry Potter, and The Princess Bride! So grab a good sword and the most impractical armor you can find, because you’ve got a quest to complete and a kingdom to save!

If you’re interested in jumping in to a Loot Crate subscription with Fantasy, you can get 10% off your subscription when you use the code “NERDALICIOUS” at checkout. You have until 9pm PT on the 19th before orders switch to the May theme.

Check out our review of the Loot Crate boxes for February (Play) and March (Covert) to get a better idea of what a subscription is all about.

And don’t forget that one lucky Looter will get the Mega Crate for April on their doorstep!


This fantastic birthday spread was Magic: The Gathering-themed from start to finish. Guests came with their own decks, so it started with the suggestion that everyone dress in their favorite deck colors. Then each guest got a custom card and a glass that was also themed to their deck.

There was plenty of delicious food with names pulled right from the game. Kool-Aid became many different colors for Mana, veggies were Elven Fare, potato chips became Faerie Flakes, and chips and dip became Dragon Scales and Dragon’s Breath.

Head on over to Sugar Bean Bakers to see more clever ideas for a Magic: The Gathering party.


This coffee mug is the perfect thing for your SuperMom this Mother’s Day. It holds 15 ounces and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

See another picture after the break.

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bacon stanley cup

Montreal-based Bar Brutus recently came up with a fun (and delicious) tribute to Canada’s favorite sport. The bar made a Stanley Cup-style trophy made entirely out of bacon. It looks like a real winner to me and, as you will see after the break, the NHL agrees.

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SyFy has officially given the greenlight to Geeks Who Drink, a show based on the popular pub trivia game. It will star Zachary Levi who will also executive produce the show through The Nerd Machine. The show will have two teams of three going head-to-head with each team consisting of two pros and a celebrity team captain. No word yet on when the show will begin airing.

Read the full press release after the break.

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enhanced-21592-1428941163-1 copy

Say hello (or bonjour) to the Poutine Tornado. Josh Elkin, one of the culinary geniuses from Epic Meal Time, is behind this magnificent creation which utilizes a large russet potato, Quebec cheese curds and brown gravy.

If you’d like all of the details on how it was made, head on over to the MTL Blog.

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